UDS Enterprise has a new Gold Partner in Puerto Rico: Ovox

by | Jun 15, 2021

The Latin American market is embracing UDS Enterprise's technology for desktop virtualization, virtual applications, and remote access to devices. Puerto Rico is one of the countries where this software has an excellent acceptance, thanks to the impeccable work of our Gold Partner Ovox.

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“Our market is dominated by proprietary solutions and systems that create a unique dependence on a supplier, closing the customer the possibility of working with other products. The ability of UDS Enterprise to work with multiple authenticators, hypervisors, and connection protocols simultaneously is something innovative. The possibility of using proprietary and Open Source technologies at the same time and escaping from the vendor lock-in is creating a lot of interest in this solution,” explains Antonio Vélez, Founder of Ovox.

This cloud solutions provider company decided to bet on UDS Enterprise as its reference VDI product because it is “an open, multiplatform, cost-efficient solution that is fully aligned with the hybrid cloud that we offer in Ovox. With its adoption, our clients can reduce costs and turn their systems into a more efficient and secure platform,” says Vélez.

The marketing model based on subscriptions by the number of users is one of the strengths that this UDS Enterprise Gold Partner highlights. “What happens with other products is that their cost increases as the number of users increments. However, with UDS Enterprise, the more users the client has, the cheaper the product will be. This surprises and attracts them,” tells the Founder.

The Ovox team is working on numerous opportunities and their forecasts for this year “are good, since we are receiving very positive feedback from the customers to whom we are presenting the product. They are already considering transforming their existing systems to implement UDS Enterprise and take advantage of all its benefits,” states Vélez.

All organizations interested in transforming, modernizing, and streamlining their systems find in UDS Enterprise their perfect ally. “It is a cost-effective, open solution, 100% customizable and simple to operate. It enables customers to begin a true digital transformation in their data centers,” remarks Nelson Ward, Co-founder of Ovox.

As a Gold Partner, both the sales force and the technical team of this company are perfectly prepared to offer the best service to their clients. The training given by UDS Enterprise specialists has provided them with the necessary skills to understand the product thoroughly and be able to offer first-level support, as well as design the architecture, carry out the installation and custom configurations to give the best performance to users of each project.

“As a Gold Partner, we can offer more knowledge about the platform to our clients. It also allows us to have a closer relationship with the software development company. With this partnership, we hope to bring our customers on this side of the world all the advantages of virtualization products and services developed by Virtual Cable,” concludes the Founder.

If your organization is also interested in taking advantage of the benefits of commercializing UDS Enterprise VDI, you can contact our commercial team at [email protected].



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