UDS Enterprise Partner Channel is growing

by | Jun 6, 2017

UDS Enterprise Partner Channel is made up of IT companies that distribute our VDI broker nationally and internationally.

All our Partners have at your disposal the Partners Tools needed for presentation and distribution of our VDI broker to all customers who need it.

We have included, lately, Partners from Australia, Belgium & Luxembourg, USA, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and more Partners from Spain.

Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

In order to locate our Partners, we have added the logos of all our Certified Partners and Authorized Partners to the UDS Enterprise and VirtualCable web pages, including a link to their website:

Certified Partners – Web UDS Enterprise

Certified Partners – Web VirtualCable

Authorized Partners – Web UDS Enterprise

Authorized Partners – Web VirtualCable

Request a UDS Enterprise Presentation and a free lifetime UDS Enterprise Free Edition of our VDI broker to our Partners and check the advantages and added value that can be brought to your Company, you wil be surprised.

Our Partners are at your entire disposal to resolve any questions or provide assistance to the companies that are interested.



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