Virtual Cable, Excellent in Business Management

by | Nov 22, 2019

VirtualCable, the pioneer Spanish company in virtualization software development that develops and supports the UDS Enterprise VDI broker, has obtained the IeE Certification of Excellence in Business Management

Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

The elEconomista newspaper, leader in financial and economic information, and the company of Commercial, Financial, Sector and Marketing Information Informa D&B grant this certification that accredits and certifies VirtualCable as Excellent in Business Management.The certification process has been carried out analyzing more than 50 representative benchmarks of business management. “An excellent company is understood as one that adequately meets the needs of its shareholders, its customers, its employees and society. The number of benchmarks analyzed in this certificate allows us to assess all these aspects, “said Juan Ortín, director of the DBK Sector Observatory of Informa:”
After an exhaustive audit carried out by a team of highly qualified experts, VirtualCable has obtained a score above 80% in the Innovation, Solvency and Profitability indexes.

“We are very satisfied with this important certificate, which recognizes the daily effort of the entire team to perform our work efficiently and serve our clients with the greatest professionalism and transparency possible,” said Félix Casado, CEO of VirtualCable.

The company behind the UDS Enterprise VDI broker will receive the IeE Certificate at an event to be held next November 27 at the InterContinental Hotel in Madrid.



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