Virtual Cable, named worldwide IDC Innovator in Virtual Client Computing

by | Jun 21, 2023

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The prestigious consulting firm IDC recognizes Virtual Cable's innovative approach and unique solutions in the field of desktop and application virtualization.
IDC innovator

Virtual Cable is recognized as an IDC Innovator worldwide for its desktop and application virtualization solutions

Virtual Cable, a leader in desktop and application virtualization solutions, has been named an “IDC Innovator,” a globally recognized innovative company by IDC (International Data Corporation) in their 2023 study on Virtual Client Computing (VCC). This recognition highlights Virtual Cable’s innovative approach and unique solutions developed to address the current and future needs of clients in the field of desktop and application virtualization.

IDC’s study on Innovators in VCC identifies companies with revenues under $100 million that stand out for their innovative business model and pioneering technology. Virtual Cable is among the five companies selected internationally. In its case, it has been distinguished for its unique approach and ability to translate it into efficient, sustainable, and secure solutions. The market has become increasingly dynamic and expansive, with a growing number of companies seeking solutions that provide intelligent and secure digital workspaces. IDC has recognized Virtual Cable for its ability to drive new and revolutionary ways of building these digital workplace environments with its UDS Enterprise technology.

Shannon Kalvar, Research Director, IT Service Management and Client Virtualization at IDC, commented, “Virtual client computing has undergone a significant shift in the past year, with new approaches challenging the status quo. Virtual Cable has stood out as an innovative company by offering flexible solutions based on open-source technologies, allowing them to effectively address current virtualization challenges.”

Virtual Cable stands out for its innovative and sustainable approach to building digital workplace environments

Virtual Cable’s recognition as an IDC Innovator is also due to its focus on sustainability and commitment to reducing energy consumption in user devices and data centers. Additionally, Virtual Cable has developed a secure, open-source technology-based application framework that enables a higher level of development and automation through an accessible API. Finally, its UDS Enterprise solution offers compatibility with a wide range of authenticators, connection protocols, and virtualization platforms, as well as direct remote access to PCs. All of this comes at a unique price point and with products optimized for various industries.

Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable, expressed his pride in the company being chosen for this important reference report and stated: “At Virtual Cable, we will continue to drive innovation in the field of virtual client computing. We are committed to developing secure, sustainable, and open solutions that provide the freedom to choose the technologies that best fit each project, meeting our clients’ current needs and exceeding any future expectations with its rapid scalability and compatibility with any on-premise or cloud environment, solution or platform.”



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