Praim integrates UDS Enterprise VDI software in its solutions

by | May 11, 2021

Praim constantly works to provide the best possible solution for all customers, also through technological partnerships. This month it signed a new partnership with Virtual Cable to integrate UDS Enterprise, the popular software for desktop, application virtualization, and remote access multiplatform connection broker for accessing desktop services, in its solutions.

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Virtual Cable develops and supports UDS Enterprise, a cross-platform connection broker that allows to automatically and centrally deploy and manage the full lifecycle of Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications in a safe, fast and easy way. It also enables remote access to physical and virtual devices.The multiplicity of operating systems that can be used, the connection protocols supported, the authentication methods and the virtualization platforms that can be interfaced simultaneously make UDS Enterprise a solution adaptable to all business needs. Its commercialization model, based on subscriptions according to the number of users and including a flat rate from 351 users, drives VDI adoption for any organization, regardless their size or sector.Praim is a leading player in the workplace virtualization market and specializes in the continuous development of software to support the main VDI and Cloud infrastructure vendors, like Virtual Cable. This attention has allowed the company to develop a certified software and hardware-agnostic solution for the management of workstations.

The integration of the Virtual Cable UDS client within the Praim Agile software running on the endpoints will close the administration loop from the data center to each single workplace. The integration allows the direct access to the virtual desktops, applications and remotely accessible devices made available by UDS Enterprise independently of the endpoint used, providing a fully transparent and seamless experience to the end user and an efficient and scalable end-to-end solution to IT managers. In fact, through the Praim ThinMan centralized management console, it will then be possible to define, capture and distribute the endpoint configuration in an extremely fast, automated and thus scalable way, with the further added value guaranteed by the other endpoint management features of ThinMan (such as remote assistance, authentication and access control, etc.).

The agreement between Praim and Virtual Cable ensures easy, fast and 24×7 secure access to companies’ resources on Praim’s solutions across all kinds of virtualized infrastructures. The collaboration will involve close cooperation between each company’s technical, sales and marketing departments, for the creation of constantly improved solutions.

Speaking about the value of the partnership, Nicola Manica, CTO at Praim commented: “I believe that the integration between UDS Enterprise and Praim Agile can be an important value for our customers, as the combination of the two technologies will allow flexibility and control of the entire data center and infrastructure, from the access points to the virtual machine management. In particular, by adding our strength points we can offer a powerful solution to those organizations willing to leverage on Linux and Open Source.”

“We’re very excited about our technology agreement with Praim since it will help our customers to access their virtual desktops, applications and even office computers from anywhere and through highly reliable endpoints. UDS Enterprise and Praim devices make up a robust turnkey VDI solution, fully preconfigured and ready to use. It provides a fast, user-friendly and secure solution suitable for any industry and perfect for mobile employees, at a time when remote working and eLearning have become the norm,” said Félix Casado, CEO at Virtual Cable.

You can download the full press release here.



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