ASLAN Awards: Remote working with UDS for police

by | Mar 18, 2021

A third project with UDS Enterprise has been nominated for the ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation in Public Administrations. The new candidate is the remote working system of the Andorran Police Force, which is based on desktop virtualization and remote access to computers located in police stations.

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This security body had to find a solution to guarantee the well-being of its employees without interrupting its activity when the Covid-19 pandemic began. Efficiency and security were two fundamental concepts for them, and UDS Enterprise is perfectly aligned with these requirements .

In less than one week , the general managers, the heads of the different departments, and the administrative staff were already accessing their computing environment using their own devices . In addition to complying with the current health recommendations, the advantage of carrying out their functions without schedule limitations and from any location is added.

Each group of users has at their disposal a personalized remote work system and adapted to their needs. In some cases, they use virtual desktops . Those who need specific software that is installed on their station computers remotely access their computers .

All connections, both to virtual desktops and to office computers, are duly shielded. Data travels safely, as the system encrypts all information from end to end . For the Andorran Police Force, it is vital to guarantee the security of computer systems and data privacy.

The UDS Enterprise Gold Partner Quer System implemented this innovative remote working project. Since it was launched, there has been an increase in the efficiency of workers and IT equipment . The latter can solve any technical incident in a short time and without having to travel. The entire environment is centrally managed from a single administration console accessible through any web browser.

The Andorran Police Force assures that the technology they have implemented to facilitate teleworking has come to stay. “The ability to securely access our work environment remotely has given us very high flexibility and changed the way we work,” they say. Before, employees had to be physically in the office to be able to perform any task. Many operations can be carried out directly through a computer connected to the Internet, without having to be physically in the offices.

In addition to the VDI project of the Andorran Police Force, other initiatives with UDS Enterprise have also been selected as candidates for the ASLAN Awards:

The @aslan association will announce the opening of the voting shortly. As soon as you can participate, we will notify you through our blog and social networks.

For more information about the VDI project with UDS Enterprise of the Andorran Police Force, see our Case Study:

Police Corps of Andorra embraces UDS VDI for remote working



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