Virtual Cable and El Ejido, winners of the ASLAN Award 2022

by | May 19, 2022

The UDS Enterprise desktop and application virtualization technology integration project at the El Ejido City Council has won in the category of "Digitalization of the Workplace".

The award ceremony of the XIV edition of the Digital Transformation Awards in the Public Administrations of the Association @aslan took place yesterday at the El Olivar de la Hinojosa Golf Club. 39 projects have fought to obtain one of the 13 awards. The vote carried out by the representatives of the associated companies and the users registered on the association’s page, has proclaimed the winner in the category “Digitalization of the Workplace” to the project of Virtual Cable and the municipality of El Ejido, which was facing two other major digital transformation plans from the Ministry of Justice and Madrid Digital.The project entitled ““VDI Technology to Improve Citizen Services, Promote Teleworking and Sustainability” has meant a technological revolution for the City Council, the workers of the local administration itself, public companies, the autonomous body and the citizens and companies that are related to it. Through desktop virtualization UDS Enterprise – Virtual Cable’s VDI solutions broker – this consistory has managed to modernize the municipal electronic processing systems, has made remote working possible for hundreds of Public Administration workers and has equipped these same employees with the most appropriate tools for the deployment of SMART CITIES solutions in record time.
The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, thanked ASLAN, first of all, for the call for these awards, which are already 14 years old, and the recognition that has been given to the City Council of El Ejido for “our Virtual Desktop project.”

“This award comes to recognize the effort that the Administration has been making since 2014 for the implementation of new technologies to improve citizen services, efficiency and cost optimization.” “The implementation of UDS Enterprise technology has meant a technological revolution for workers, public companies, autonomous bodies, citizens and companies that are related to our City Council”. And it is that, as he commented, “the Administration has to forget the old structure and methodology, it has to adapt to what is new and be agile when it comes to providing solutions and facing changes, which are dizzying and continuous. In short, move towards achieving a SMART CITY, an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable city.”

For his part, Fernando Feliu, Executive Managing Director of Virtual Cable, expressed his enormous pride during the ceremony:

Having won this prestigious award means a lot to us, even more so being able to do it hand in hand with El Ejido. This has been an ambitious, innovative, sustainable project with an important focus on security. I am aware that the employment situation of city council workers and the service they offer to citizens have improved, objectives that have been sought since we started the project”. He also thanked the support of Virtual Cable’s partner, Lanmedia without which, according to Feliu, this success would not have been possible.

Virtual Cable has made big announcements during the ASLAN 2022 Congress. They have presented the company’s new strategy, which will focus on the launch of customized workplace virtualization solutions for each sector and have revealed some of its new technological alliances with manufacturers of software and hardware of the first level such as Fujitsu, ASUS or Jabra. In addition, during the event they have released the latest update of their solution, UDS Enterprise 3.5, and with it, they have presented the new image of the company and its new corporate website.



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