UDS at ASLAN Awards: Can you help us reach the final?

by | Apr 19, 2021

For yet another year, the @aslan association has recognized the importance of UDS Enterprise as a catalyst for innovation and digitization of public organizations of various types. Several projects with this software for virtualization of desktops, applications and remote access have been selected as possible finalists of the prestigious ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation in Public Administrations.

Infografía 10 años revolucionando el futuro Virtual Cable

Specifically, there are four initiatives with UDS Enterprise that are competing for the final. Its implementation has helped organizations from three different sectors – Education, Health and Security Forces – to solve problems derived from the current health situation and improve their computer systems’ efficiency, productivity, and security. They fall within the categories Technology and service improvement at the University and Virtualization of IT infrastructures .

Voting to choose the three finalists in each of the contest categories closes this Wednesday, April 21. If your company is associated with @aslan or you are a member of the AAPP Commission, you can cast your vote to help us reach the final by clicking on the names of the organizations below:

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