Virtual Cable and IES Europa sign an internships agreement

by | Apr 16, 2021

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The UDS Enterprise developer, Virtual Cable, and the IES Europa in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain) have signed a collaboration agreement for students from this educational center to carry out their internships in this technology company.

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Specifically, the agreement is aimed at students of the Higher Degree in Network Information Systems Administration (ASIR) making contact with the world of work and acquiring knowledge about desktop virtualization as a complement to their training.

The professor and tutor of Training in Work Centers of the IES Europe, Enrique Laín, contacted Virtual Cable after selecting this firm as one of the ideal companies for students to finish preparing to work as professionals in the IT sector.

The support for the Education sector is one of the distinctive marks of Virtual Cable, so they did not hesitate to accept the proposal. “We are pleased that students are working on their skills and improving their aptitudes within our company. We have always been very committed to educational organizations. We consider it of great importance to properly train those who will be tomorrow’s professionals,” explained Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable.

The internship program has already started, and the first student of IES Europe is familiarizing himself with all the work behind a software manufacturer. “I am really enjoying the experience, the trust they have placed in me is helping me to discover my potential. The topic of virtualization has always seemed interesting to me, and now I am enjoying the opportunity to see how it is possible to develop, improve a product and provide a quality service to customers,” commented student Andrés Schumann.

Throughout the months that he will share with the UDS Enterprise team, the technicians will teach and involve him in the performance of software compatibility and new functionalities tests, as well as in the preparation of manuals and audiovisual material to document how the solution works. Also, they will transmit the value of providing a service and support to users agile and efficient.



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