Virtual Cable obtains the title “Sustainable Suppliers” awarded by the UN Global Compact

by | Jul 25, 2023

The company is promoted to a Participating Partner in the Global Compact and will be present in the publication "SDG Year 8". The Global Compact highlights Virtual Cable's good practices in sustainability as inspiring examples of corporate responsibility.
Título proveedores sostenibles del pacto mundial de la ONU

Sustainable Leadership: Virtual Cable recognized as a “Sustainable Supplier” by the UN Global Compact

Virtual Cable, a leader in workplace virtualization solutions, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the title “Sustainable Suppliers” by the UN Global Compact. This recognition highlights Virtual Cable’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and its contribution to building a more responsible and sustainable future.

As a company adhered to the UN Global Compact, Virtual Cable has demonstrated its commitment to the implementation of the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This distinction is the result of Virtual Cable’s dedicated efforts to promote socially and environmentally responsible business practices in its supply chain and operations.

The title “Sustainable Suppliers” is part of the Training Program launched by the UN Global Compact Spain, an international training initiative designed to focus on specific aspects of the Ten Principles and the SDGs. This program is aimed at SMEs that supply large companies that are members of the initiative in Spain.

ODS Year 8: Virtual Cable as a benchmark for sustainability and corporate profitability

In addition to being recognized as “Sustainable Suppliers”, Virtual Cable has been invited to participate in the special publication “SDG Year 8” of the UN Global Compact Spain. This publication, which will be launched in September, will focus on how sustainability has become increasingly relevant in the economic sphere, enabling the sustainable growth of companies. Virtual Cable will share their experience in the publication, highlighting how desktop virtualization drives sustainability and profitability.

Virtual Cable’s active collaboration with the UN Global Compact Spain has also resulted in the presentation of the company’s good practices on the COMparte platform. These practices that explain how Virtual Cable solutions help companies fight climate change and reduce their carbon footprint have been highlighted by the Global Compact as inspiring examples of corporate responsibility.

Commitment to sustainability and vision for the future

Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable, expressed his satisfaction with this recognition: “We are delighted to receive the title of “Sustainable Suppliers” from the UN Global Compact. It reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability and care for the environment. At Virtual Cable, we believe that all organizations should take an active role in building a more sustainable future and we are proud to be part of this global initiative.”

In addition, Virtual Cable has risen from a Signatory Partner to a Participating Partner in the UN Global Compact, which demonstrates its growing level of involvement and commitment to sustainability.

Virtual Cable has also joined the Climate Ambition Accelerator program of the United Nations Global Compact Spain, an initiative designed to promote ambitious actions against climate change and promote a more sustainable future for all.



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