Virtual Cable joins TSANet global support network

by | Jan 3, 2018

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VirtualCable, the company that develops and supports UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker has joined TSANet, the global Technical Support Alliance Network that facilitates the collaboration between providers to solve interoperability issues involving mutual clients.

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One of the most valued aspects by VirtualCable customers is the efficient, agile and personalized support offered by the UDS Enterprise team both when installing the software and solving any issue or making new developments to incorporate new features and functionalities.

Joining TSANet, the company goes one step further continue providing the best support service, in this case collaboratively with other technology firms when it is necessary to involve the support services of more than one organization to solve joint problems.

The use of the tools provided by TSANet to share the issues reported by the users is totally transparent for the customers. It provides business partners with an infrastructure with interesting collaboration mechanisms to share their solutions in a simple and effective way, while customers benefit by receiving faster and more efficient support.

By joining TSANet, VirtualCable becomes part of the largest multi-vendor support community comprised of hundreds of companies such as Amazon web services, Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Lotus, Microsoft, Nutanix, Red Hat or VMware.



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