Fujitsu joins the UDS Enterprise Gold Partner channel

by | Dec 18, 2020

The Spanish subsidiary of Fujitsu has taken a further step in its commitment to UDS Enterprise. This company has joined the list of Gold Partners that distribute this solution for application, desktop virtualization and remote access to physical and virtual machines. "After evaluating the solution as a whole and its functionalities, we have decided to scale up to the highest level of partnership to offer it to our clients enjoying the benefits of a Gold Partner versus a Silver Partner," explains Luis Carlos Sanz Lucas, Business Development Manager of Fujitsu Spain.

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As a UDS Enterprise Gold Partner, the Fujitsu team is perfectly trained and qualified to advise clients in all phases of implementation of a project with UDS Enterprise, from the design of the architecture to its commissioning, going through the installation, configuration and optimization of all the components to guarantee the best performance of the infrastructure. It’s also worth noting that Fujitsu experts have the right software knowledge to provide efficient first-rate support to their customers.This firm carried out thorough research in the market to assess the different VDI products that exist today. After reviewing the different options, “we found it was a very interesting solution for incorporation into our portfolio. UDS Enterprise offers the core functionalities that many of our clients are looking for and, as an added value, the price is lower than that of large virtualization solutions,” says Sanz.
The current health crisis has accelerated the adoption of technological solutions that allow employees to develop their professional activities from home. UDS Enterprise has positioned itself as one of Fujitsu’s best allies in these cases. “We are recommending this solution in remote working scenarios that require the user to have access to a virtual machine with all his working tools installed on it,” states the Head of Business Development.

Among the benefits that they convey to their customers, they highlight “the ease and speed to deploy the solution . This simplicity means time saving, and said time, less economic cost.” In the first business opportunity they are working with UDS Enterprise “the feedback received has been good , now we onlu have to check how the solution behaves in a highly complex environment.”

Fujitsu Spain is immersed in a large volume of projects and will propose the implementation of UDS Enterprise in those that the product fits to meet the specific needs of the client. A strategy that fully adjusts to its corporate philosophy, since this company is defined by offering the best technology adapted to the requirements that each sector and client need in their business activity.



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