UDS Enterprise at RedIRIS Technical Conference

by | Jun 21, 2017

More than 300 ICT experts, responsible for networks and IT services, who attended the XXVIII RedIRIS Technical Conference , had the opportunity to get to know the operating way of UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker, as our Certified Partner Lanmedia Comunicaciones showed all the attendees who visited their booth a demo of UDS Enterprise. In this way, they were able to check both, the administrator and user experience of the platform, as well as knowing all the features and characteristics of the connection broker, such as the simultaneous compatibility with practically all hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols of the market, that ensures unprecedented flexibility and security.

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In addition, our partner has made a free version of our software available to all interested participants. This initiative was a great success among the participants, and many of them are already testing UDS Enterprise in university labs, research centers and autonomous networks.

UDS Enterprise wasn’t only present in the exhibition area of the event. One more year, the connection broker VDI played a large part of one of the RedIRIS Working Groups presentations. Ramón Gómez Labrador from the University of Sevilla, spoke about the new features of OpenGnsys 1.1.0 and explained all the details of one of the projects that have been developed with this orchestrator: Remote PC. This project counts as a fundamental piece with UDS Enterprise, which together with OpenGnsys allow remote access through a web browser of ICT classrooms outside the school hours.

RedIRIS is the network of advanced communications of the Spanish academic and scientific community. It has over 500 affiliated academic and research institutions, bringing together more than 150,000 researchers and approximately 2 million potential users. It is funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, and is included in its map of Singular Scientific-Technical Facilities. The entity who is in charge of its management is the public corporate entity Red.es, of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda.



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