Fantastic Solutions, new UDS Enterprise Gold Partner in Switzerland

by | Oct 6, 2021

Fantastic Solutions is a flexible provider for total IT solutions. Their team has been serving mainly small and medium-sized companies since 2001. Through a lot of commitment and dedication, they have developed a solid basis and made a good name for themselves in the IT Swiss market . "With innovative solutions, we improve and support our customers' work processes, productivity, and flexibility. To do this, we work with leading manufacturers," says Paulo de Moura, CEO at this company. That's precisely why they decided to become UDS Enterprise Gold Partners. "In our opinion, this product has the most potential. Compared to the competitors, a lot of things take UDS Enterprise ahead", ensures.

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From the very beginning, they decided to obtain the highest level of partnership to access the technical and commercial training and thus become experts in UDS Enterprise technology. “We use products with which we are very familiar so that we can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction,” comments de Moura. Now, as Gold Partners, they are perfectly qualified to assist their customers throughout the whole process of implementing an efficient platform with UDS Enterprise, whether focused on desktop virtualization, application virtualization, remote access to physical and virtual devices, or combining all these technologies.Fantastic Solutions is the first company to introduce UDS Enterprise in Switzerland. “We mostly offer UDS Enterprise for cloud solutions. In larger SME’s there is a great use for home office scenarios. Every SME can benefit from our services,” explains the CEO.They are pretty clear that UDS Enterprise will find its place in the Swiss market thanks to its differentiating features and functionalities. “It is a very versatile and innovative product which can be used with several virtualization platforms and operating systems. The team behind UDS Enterprise provides a great added value since it is a small, fast-responding team, very reliable with short communication channels and excellent support service,” states de Moura.

The commercial crew is already working with some prospects so that they can take advantage of all the UDS Enterprise’s benefits. This software can improve and simplify their IT management, enable the mobility of their workforce, and guarantee the continuity and security of their businesses. “With UDS Enterprise, they can enhance their processes in several critical areas. Now that we are Gold Partners, we can offer more flexibility to our customers and first-class service to build truly reliable and efficient desktop, application virtualization, and remote access infrastructures,” concludes the CEO of Fantastic Solutions.

If you’d also like to take advantage from the benefits of becoming a UDS Enterprise Gold Partner, email us at [email protected]



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