New UDS Enterprise Authorized Partners

by | Oct 29, 2018

The UDS Enterprise Partners channel is constantly growing. During the past months, eight companies have taken the first step to improve their portfolio of solutions incorporating UDS Enterprise to their catalogue of products as the best solution for the administration and deployment of Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications.

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The companies that have recently joined our Authorized Partners channel are: CO Technologies fom USA, the Russian company Lanit IT, Open-V from India, MS Solutions from Panama and the Spanish companies Altare Servicios Profesionales, Indra, IT Global and Minsait.Some of these companies have already expressed their interest in going one step further and becoming UDS Enterprise Certified Partners to enjoy the multiple advantages of this partnership level, such as greater discounts, protection of opportunities against Authorized Partners and exclusive trainings for technical and sales staff.
If you’d like to join UDS Enterprise Partner ecosystem, you can get in touch with our sales team through [email protected]



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