Our Authorized Partners Channel continues to grow

by | Aug 1, 2018

The list of companies interested in integrating our UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker into their solutions portfolio is increasingly extensive. Every day we receive requests from companies around the world to join our Partners Channel. In fact, the number of UDS Enterprise Authorized Partners has grown considerably during the last months.

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Among the firms that have recently become official distributors of UDS Enterprise are Ariadnex, Avanti 21, Copiadoras del Guadiana, IaaS365, Colabora and Omega Peripherals; all of them with a presence in different points of the Spanish geography.In the international arena, our new partners are Fardanet, whose business area is focused on Iran, and Softline, which operates in Russia and Cyprus.These companies already enjoy the advantages of being part of our Channel such as interesting discounts on the PVP of UDS Enterprise subscriptions, access to all the trial versions of our software, pre-sale support, pre-sale technical support via email and access to the hiring of our Professional Services.

There are still greater benefits for those companies that decide to go one step further and become Certified Partners by attending the technical and sales training provided by the UDS Enterprise team. These special sessions provide a much broader knowledge of our connection broker, which allows our Certified Partners to obtain technical independence to provide support to their clients and better position the software in order to achieve more and better opportunities.

In addition to all the advantages of the Authorized Partners mentioned above, the Certified Partners have at their disposal an annual UDS Enterprise NFR subscription of 50 users, one year of UDS Enterprise incident support, Partnership Certification, opportunities protection from Authorized Partners and the possibility to participate in press releases and case studies.

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